Developing the care your scalp needs

The skin on your head is unique and is different from the skin on the rest of your body. As such it requires different care. Personally I was showing signs of baldness already in my twenties. And after trying to hold on to my hair for a long time and stressing about it, as is the case for many bald men, around when I turned thirty,  I came to terms and realized shaving my head was the best thing to do.

Yet, I soon found out that most of the products for your scalp on the market have been developed for people with hair which,  when trying,  are not very suited for your bald head's sensitive & thin bare skin. Very few products exist for protecting and taking care of your scalp, or when they do exist, come from afar -and have to be shipped and imported.

So instead of keeping on buying products from different brands that are all not really suited for bald heads, together with experts and with the help of friends, the team at Bald&  are currently in the middle of developing our first products: the perfect bald head moisturizer as well as a gentle bald head wash for cleaning your scalp.

For both the moisturizer as well as the head wash as it turns out, it is quite a journey of finding the right ingredients that are both natural- and work perfectly for your scalp.

Our first aim? Developing a moisturizer that provides intense hydration , is absorbed quickly (to prevent a shiny bald head) and helps protect your natural skin-barrier from harmful external influeces such as UV rays. Moisturizer prototypes arrived and being tested.  

Keep following our story in our mission to provide the best skincare range for your scalp. We put in the care, so you can be free to focus on what really matters.

Joost Dijkstra

Founder Bald& B.V.

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