About bald&

We are bald&. We are a new company offering a full skincare ritual for your scalp

At this moment we are in the development phase of providing a range of skincare products for your scalp. Stay tuned for more!

Many of us have a good skincare regime for our face, so why neglect your scalp? We believe that being bald is about being carefree, not about being free from good care. 


The skin on your head is unique and has differences vs the skin on the rest of your body

  • The biggest difference between scalp and facial skin is that the scalp  has more sebaceous glands (ie. lipid and sweat) than any other part of the body. 
  • In addition, the scalp has a Lower Barrier Function, meaning it’s not very proficient at maintaining and replenishing hydration compared to skin found in other places.   If you’ve got  hair that will protect you from the harsh effects of external elements, why would you need a high barrier function, right?. 

Our mission is to empower you to embrace baldness, because being bald can be liberating both mentally as well as physically.